How to Market Youth Mentoring Programs

When considering marketing youth mentoring programs, it is important to consider why someone might want to be a youth mentor or why a youth might be interested in joining. Young people want people to care about them and want to look up to someone. By marketing the youth mentor program as a way to get close to an older role model who will be helpful in the youth’s life, this will produce the best results. As far as obtaining youth mentors, the best way to market, is to talk about making a difference. Those are the people that you want as a part of your youth mentoring program to begin with. You want people who are interested in making a difference and those people will read your posters and e-mails and become interested.

There are a variety of ways to send these two messages and a variety of places to do so in. I would recommend sending out e-mails to everyone you are able to. I would also recommend putting up posters at large corporations, public places such as libraries and grocery stores as well as post offices and banks. Of course, for young people, you want to put up posters at their school but also at places such as the park or a local gaming store. This may reach young people who might ignore the posters in their own schools. 

Another thing to keep in mind while marketing your youth mentoring program, is to keep it as real as possible. You don’t want anything to appear “cheesy” to young people because then they will be less likely to participate. You may want to feature or mention things such as getting pizza, playing video games, going to the park for younger kids, ice skating or football. You want to make sure that the kids think this could be fun because otherwise they are likely to think that it is another learning opportunity. While there are those young people who love to learn, there are far more who do not love to learn and will avoid your youth mentor program if they think that that is the way it will be.

Youth mentoring programs are a very important part of today’s society and I wish you the best of luck in marketing your youth mentoring program. I hope that these strategies will enable your youth mentor program to not only be successful in getting people to join, both young people and mentors, but also in changing as well as inspiring lives.