How to take Online Classes while Working Full Time

Online learning classes offer a tremendous opportunity for full-time employees, single parents and rural dwellers to obtain a college degree. Unlike brick and mortar schools, on-line colleges offer conditions that will allow any self-motivated student the opportunity to receive an education, enabling the student a chance to advance at work, start another career or open up a world of opportunity while working. As their popularity grows and the options increase, students work to find ways to manage a full-time job while taking online learning classes.

The student must choose a college program that will compliment his work program. Some programs will allow you to take more than one course per session while others only allow one class per session. While the programs are asynchronous (there is no official class time), class meetings where students can get additional help at specific times are available through some colleges. Because classes can be attended by students in multiple time zones, students must check and learn what time zone her teacher operates from because many on-line instructors often hold full-time jobs and teach in the evening.

Because distance learner requires a student to be self-motivated, one method of managing coursework is to set aside a block of time to complete coursework. Most classes have weekly assignments, group assignments and an assignment that lasts the length of the course. Completing assignments as early as possible in the week allows students to know if extra time will be required, have time to communicate with the teacher if it is necessary and keeps personal emergencies from interfering with work completion. Contacting group members at the beginning of the course allows students to divided the assignments. Those wishing to complete group assignments successfully will check in with other group members once a week via email. The larger project should be worked on week by week. Most on-line courses require fifteen to twenty hours per week to complete the work successfully. 

Because classes are asynchronous, it does not matter when students complete and post assignments as long as it is completed before the due date time-frame. This is perfect for the full-time employee that works odd hours, has split shifts or puts in long hours. Because the classes are on the Internet, school work can be done at any establishment that offers free WiFi, from Starbucks to PaneraBread restaurants.   If at all possible, on-line students will find management easier with the help of a laptop.

Learning to be a communicator is essential. Contact teachers for help early in the week to keep from becoming anxious if you do not get an instant response. The same is true with group work members. Some will not respond quickly, so immediate and if necessary, constant communications, can make the difference between a miserable and a rewarding class experience.

School work should not be completed when a student is at work unless it is acceptable to the supervisor or boss of the student. Lunch breaks and coffee breaks are both available to complete reading assignments, sketch out plans for an assignment. These breaks also give the student opportunity to post emails to the instructor, classmates or on required boards.

Becoming organized and practicing good time management, students working full-time will be able to successfully complete on-line coursework. Keeping the goal, a new career or advancement at work, in sight will help students enjoy a positive experience that will be very rewarding.