How you can Teach yourself just about anything

If you can read, you can teach yourself how to do practically anything. Of course that is easier in theory than application. Educating oneself on any subject does take time, trial and error. After many repetitions, the process becomes experiential, and within no time at all, a person can become a professional.

Be reading self-help books, the work has already been done for you. Someone has taken a lot of time to research, amass, and organize the information. All you have to do is read and digest. When you have some know-how at your finger tips, people will be impressed. Armed with some knowledge, service people who come into your homes will be less likely to take advantage of you when pertinent questions are asked.

Through self-education, you can learn how to manage a household budget, how to invest your hard-earned money, whether in the stock market or real estate, how to make a will, etc. A person can educate oneself on how to sketch, crochet, cook, decorate a cake, cut hair and anything else that might be of value to a person in every day life.

Learning how to do something by yourself has a great deal to do with motivation. Once you have taught yourself how to do something, your self-esteem goes up a notch; maybe you can pass this knowledge unto someone else. It has to do with how much you value learning. Lastly, once you know how to do something, it becomes fun, and that’s what self-education is all about.

Cooking is something everyone should learn how to do, because everyone needs to eat. This writer was told a story where someone at college almost starved himself for the day because he could not cook. He could not even fry an egg for breakfast until his roommate came home and made it for him. Being away from home, learning how to cook is sheer survival. Unfortunately, the art of cooking has been placed on the back burner in homes because it is seen as a negative event. Having home-cooked meals is seen as tedious, time-consuming, and getting ready-made food is seen as more efficient. When the whole family is involved in the cooking process, it can be good bonding as everyone pitches in to create a family meal.

One of the most fun activities this writer has educated herself on was that of cake decorating. After buying a book from the store, she practiced the various techniques and made her son a carousel cake. She purchased ceramic horses, placed some doweling in the cake, made the tent top with licorice and place a #3 candle at the top. Certainly learning to do this was one of her greatest accomplishments in the culinary world. Once you’ve practiced an art, the activity becomes less daunting and you realize that anyone can do this. She also learned other things. It’s easier to make intricate cake decorations in the winter as opposed to summer. If you take too long in the process, your icing will melt.

When children are young, it is easy to cut their hair by following pictures in a book (nowadays online). By tying hair into four quadrants with rubber bands, after four snips, a head of hair can be nicely cut. When you take your child to the hairdresser or barber for the first time, watch how they do it and practice. Of course, not being a professional does have its limitations, as this author can only cut hair with one length that looks the same on a male. Female hair, too complicated.

The world of finance is an exciting forum; unfortunately many women choose to avoid it when they are married. When a woman is single, however, it becomes a different kettle of fish. Women need to know about and handle their own finances because of independence, autonomy, and for self-confidence and self-esteem. Literature on how to handle your money is endless. A woman who has financial knowledge is a person who is empowered. You don’t need to wade knee-deep in the world of investing, just read some financial magazines that are geared to the layman in terms of language and understanding. Form a budget, and find ways to make your money work for you.

As for manual labor, sometimes it’s good to get down and dirty. Have a painting party if you are refreshing your rooms with color. Learn how to tile the floor, as that too is a lot of fun. Most women would not want to tussle with a flat tire, but when there are no men around and a tow truck is several hours away, what does a person do! Yes, there is always AAA, but what happens if your cell phone is out? Learning to rely on yourself is a very satisfying concept.

Lastly, when you have arrived and educated yourself on most subjects, look at your assets and prepare a will. Get one on line, read “Wills for Dummies”. Even if you go to a lawyer to prepare your will, educate yourself on estate planning so you can ask the proper questions and spend less time in the lawyer’s office. Less time equates less money being spent out of pocket.

For Helium writers, the process is learning how to write so people want to read your articles. Again, go back to reading to learn. See other writers’ writing styles, and educate yourself on all sorts of topics found on the Helium website.