Important Supplies for a Homeschooling Classroom

Homeschooling can be done fairly inexpensively, with the right resources. Knowing what to stock in the home to help the child learn to love learning is crucial for the day to run smoothly. Some of the most important supplies are things most people already keep around the house if they have children.


The Internet is an important tool for homeschooling families. Many use online charter schools that provide curriculum for the students. They log on and complete their work where it is then graded. They can also access tutors as well as communicate with other students. For those who don’t use the charter schools and are teaching on a tight budget, numerous sites are available for parents to print worksheets or for children to play interactive games related to important topics such as math or grammar. Assessment tests, teaching tips, videos and support are all available online, making the computer one of the most important objects in the house.


If purchased curriculum will be used in the home school then the printer isn’t as important. For those who obtain curriculum online, the printer is an absolute necessity. Many states require the parents to file as a school before teaching. Printing these documents to keep on file in hard copy form is important to protect the rights of the parents to teach their own children. Craft ideas and patterns will also need to be printed.


Whether in a home school or a public school, pencils are absolutely necessary. With such a selection available, there’s bound to be one for every child. Younger children often find more success with large, fat pencils. Mechanical pencils are a great choice for a child with sensory issues because they can’t feel the lead writing as they can with a regular pencil.


Various types of paper should be a staple in a homeschooling residence. Lined paper for assignments can be found for the beginning writer or for the advanced. Typing paper is necessary for computer assignments or for drawing. Construction paper is great for arts and crafts while graphing paper is an important tool for math.

Notebook or binder

These are still a great way to keep all of the paperwork together in one spot. Many allow the child to personalize the notebook. Some are available that close using a zipper, keeping everything inside from becoming lost. Add a pencil bag and markers, pens or pencils can all be stored for easy access.

Art supplies

Modeling clay, paints, markers and colored pencils give a child the freedom to create art projects or science experiments. Art is an important part of the school experience and is often the most enjoyable. With these things, children can learn about a color spectrum or create a picture depicting what was learned from a recent field trip. Glue sticks are easy for young children to create projects without the mess.

Items for the teacher

It is important to keep a stapler, hole puncher and dry erase or blackboard on hand. A file cabinet is a great tool for storing samples of work, completed tests or required paperwork. Many states require the parent to keep attendance, so choose a big calendar that has room for writing in important dates, field trips or days the child missed school.

Most supplies used to conduct school in the home are simple and inexpensive. Many of these supplies go on sale when public or private schooled children return to school, making this a great time to stock up. Having these supplies on hand prevents unnecessary trips to the store or delays in getting the projects completed.