Incorporating socialization with homeschooling

Most homeschooling families are accustomed to being confronted by other people about the “socialization” issues that exist for homeschoolers. It is almost as if many people believe that school is the only place where children can socialize and spend time with other children. The truth is that school students are typically discouraged from socializing during class time, and their opportunities to spend time socializing is either at lunch time or at recess. School is not the only place where socializing can take place. A quick search on the Internet for homeschooling association groups in your local area will bring up lists with plenty of proof that homeschoolers have ample opportunities to socialize!

After school activities provide wonderful opportunities for your children to pursue their interests and spend time with other children who share those interests. Martial arts, soccer, scouts, swimming, dance classes, and band practice are popular hobbies that many children embrace to have fun and learn important life skills. Each parent’s reasons for homeschooling vary, but a very common reason for homeschooling is that parents want their children to have more time to devote to healthy activities that interest them. School schedules often leave little time for leading a relaxing and pressure free life. Because homeschooling schedules have the option of being flexible, your child can devote more quality time to pursuing his or her interests with like-minded peers.

Homeschooling is extremely beneficial for people who feel strongly about interacting with people from all walks of life. School students study with people who are close in age with them, and unless the students move and change schools, they must be educated with the same people every day for the rest of their school lives until graduation. Students who are homeschooled can volunteer in their communities. Volunteering can be your young child’s first experience with working. Even if a volunteering position does not compensate your child financially, the experience of volunteering time and interacting with people in need can leave a lasting impression that no school textbook could ever impart.

Homeschooling families that live in large cities can take advantage of homeschooling groups that organize events for homeschooling families. Joining other homeschooling families on educational field trips to the museums, science centers and city halls will be additional opportunities to socialize and learn at the same time. Play dates at your local park with other homeschooling parents and their children will also provide opportunities to socialize.

Homeschooling your child can provide him or her with more quality opportunities to socialize free from the peer pressure and bullying that many school students unfortunately face on a daily basis in their school classrooms. Through homeschooling, your child has the freedom to choose who he or she wants to spend time with. Your children will make their own choices about where they work and how they spend their time when they become adults. Homeschooling can be a wonderful introduction to your child embracing independence and making conscientious decisions about how they spend their time and who they want to spend their time with.