Is an Internet Degree as Valuable as a Formal Degree

Being a university student and also studying the lectures online, The fact is that going to a real university is better in many ways. In a real environment the teacher is actively interacting with you, he delivers the lecture, looks at you, can answer your questions and you can have decisions with many people in real time. The teachers behaviour towards you can influence your interest and knowledge in the subject.

In a virtual environment, you can only read, but the element of interaction, though might be a lot due to forums and chats, is just not the same. In a real environment you meet people, learn from your experiences, get to know good sides and bad sides of things and learn to coupe with going to school, cleaning the room, home work, and classroom time tables, which can help you to understand, time and workload management.

Lets be honest, Internet degree is not for people who are social, and it’s something not experienced by me. But it is for those people who do not have a lot of time in hand and want to get a degree, to get just the basic knowledge and facts, which they otherwise might not be able to get because of their job, social meetings and cost.

It’s not an easy or cheaper way to getting a degree, it might be a good option for a graduate from a ‘real’ university, who wants to experience learning for just a better CV and knowledge.

If I was a manager, and most managers would think, that if your major qualifications for a job are from an online university, you probably don’t have the skills to work on a timetable, or work in groups, or you might lack the social experience and basic practical skills. In front of such a candidate, if another person comes for the same job with a 3rd class degree from a low repute university or even college, but a real one, I would pick him.

If you do pursue an internet degree try to learn about other things as well, if not for a job but for self-improvement. Try to work according to time table, be critical about what you learn, don’t cheat, talk to people and discuss whatever you are learning yourself and read about what you are learning from newspapers and magazines etc