Is an Internet Degree as Valuable as a Formal Degree

Whether or not a degree has value depends entirely upon the institution through which you earn that degree. That means you need to do some research on the online degree programs you’re interested in!

You also have to decide which type of school you’d like to earn your degree from. Does the prestige of the school’s name matter to you? Or do you simply need a degree to advance in your job, and would like to do so as inexpensively as possible? The ultimate “value” of the degree depends in some measure on what you’ll do with it.

If you are concerned about earning your degree from a college or university with a recognizable and respected name, then you might consider the stellar Distance Education program offered through Pennsylvania State University ( Their course offerings are vast, and you’ll graduate with a degree identical to that which an on-campus student receives.

Boston University ( offers an Executive Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program to those individuals who have at least 64 credits toward their undergraduate degree and would like to complete their studies. If you’re willing to pay for the convenience of completing your degree online and would like to do so through a world-renowned institution of higher learning, then Boston University might be the place for you. Again, the degree with which you graduate will be exactly the same as that which an on-campus student would receive.

If an undergraduate degree in a Business program interests you, then your best option is the distance learning program offered through UMass Amhert’s Isenberg School of Management. ( rad/Online_Degree_Program/). The program itself is highly respected, and you will graduate with a degree that an employer will recognize and value.

If the name and prestige of a school are of no importance to you, and you’d like simply to earn a degree through a credible program as inexpensively as possible, then the options are legion. Any of the programs advertised on the left of this page are worth looking into. Try specifying the degree program and major you’d be interested in pursuing, and search for the right program that way.

You might also try looking over the advice on a resource such as the Princeton Review online.
( An objective and trusted third party like the Princeton Review is useful when sorting through all the various options for online and distance learning. There are plenty of reputable internet services like the Princeton Review that will help you to determine just how valuable your degree will be!

Good luck finding the right program for you!