Is an Internet Degree as Valuable as a Formal Degree

Depending on where or what college you pursue your online degree with, your Internet degree is just as valuable as a formal degree.  In fact the Internet degree is a formal degree if you are achieving it through a reputable school.  The first online degrees were started by colleges to improve their educational abilities and give all students within their enrollment a chance to pursue college off-campus.  There was no differentiation between online degree and formal degree.  Once you completed your educational requirements, you received your formal degree with no mention on the degree that this degree was received through distance education. 

Distance education or the so-called online degree is set up so that the only difference between taking courses online and taking courses on a college campus is that the classes are held online in a program such as Blackboard.  These are actual virtual classes.  Students come to class at a specific time on their computer and interact with both students and professors.  It is an amazing experience to be able to answer questions and give comments just as you would do in a physical class. 

The professor who teaches at the physical college or university is also the professor of the online class – you get the same syllabus, and are assigned the same books that go with the course.  There may be a little more written material. 

Online virtual classes can provide a setting very similar to the business setting in companies where there are virtual employees around the world, which makes the online degree a little better than the physical college degree, because you are working in the actual type of environment that you may be working in when once you graduate and get your formal online degree. 

You can have excellent teamwork for group projects through an online degree also, with students from around the world working on the same project. 

For example, by getting your formal degree through online learning you can have the experience of doing something called a Kaizen Project if you are studying for your MBA.  If the Kaizen Project is set up as a group project, students from different countries around the world can all work together on the project.  This is a great experience for working in the virtual world.  A Kaizen Project is a project that analyzes a company for quality and provides solutions to problems encountered by the company; and ways to increase quality.  Other types of projects could easily be worked on in a virtual learning experience thus giving hands-on learning to the educational process and affording upon completion a formal degree.

An online degree from a reputable college or  university is not called an online degree – it is a formal degree just like any degree you would get at any institution of higher learning. 

In all actually, at some point, especially for a degree such as an MBA, where one needs to know about teamwork, the online experience is essential to a full college or university learning experience. It is a virtual classroom comparable to the virtual office.

Now that online learning has proliferated into new online colleges, there is the point to be made that you must research the online institution of higher learning to make sure that it is reputable and offers a true formal degree and not just a piece of paper, before embarking on your online degree program.  Make sure the online college or university is accredited and that the accrediting agency is also legitimate. 

In conclusion, if you receive a legitimate education at a legitimate and accredited online college or university, the degree you receive is not just an online degree but a real formal degree that you can be proud to have attained.  You can easily fit online learning into a very busy schedule of work and raising a family and receive  your formal degree once you have completed your studies and graduated.