Is Homeschooling better than Formal Education – Yes

Homeschooling FAR EXCEEDS Public Education!

Several years ago I made a decision to homeschool my daughter. I knew that the public educational system would not be able to give her what she needed, and that she would end up being lost in “the system” if I allowed her to be a part of it.

After six years of being privately schooled, we opted to go into home schooling. Along with another friend who chose to home-school at the same time, we worked on it together. We became part of some home-school groups and took part in the activities such as music, science fairs, and physical education.

We tested the students each and every year to chart their progress and have proof of how well our children were doing academically. That way if anyone wanted to check on how our children were faring, we had proof from year to year.

ACT, SAT, and PSAT scores prove that homeschooolers fare better on their tests and the scores prove over those of public schooled students.

National Spelling bees for the past several years have all been won by…you guessed it…homeshoolers.

Colleges and Universities are now making special efforts to recruit home schooled students into their schools of higher learning as they make better students all around. They are more self-disciplined, they have better study habits, they have less behavioral problems, and they are more focused over all concerning their education.

Many public schools nowadays are giving up on some of their students – those that don’t fit the traditional middle-of the road-model of a student.

Those that are slower learners are being left behind to flounder and get more distressed and confused each year. Those that are fast learners are bored and not learning because the system doesn’t work for them either.

So what’s a parent to do?

Who better can educate their child than a parent? From their first cry we begin our role as a teacher in the many areas of their lives. As their parent we understand how they learn the best and what won’t work for them as well.

Don’t believe me? Ask any homeschooling parent what the strengths and weaknesses of their children are? They know and it shows up in the national scores from the annual testing they do as well.

Some students can take it slower, but still accomplish the same goals as those who work more quickly. Let them learn at their own pace, and they’ll still finish the race!