Is Homeschooling better than Formal Education – Yes

Homeschooling can provide a student with a far better education the the formal schools when it is done properly. It can permit students to learn and develop at their own speed. There is no pressure to complete assignments within a certain time frame. If the student finishes an assignment quickly, they are free to move on to another. On the other hand, if an assignment is giving the student difficulty, it can be worked and reworked until the student gains the understanding to move on.

The home school student can also be working in two or three subject at the same time. For instance, in the early grades learning the alphabet can be combined with learning to print. Later, subjects like history can be combined with English composition and research.

This can provide the student of a more through view on several subjects and keep learning less confusing. Because most students today have short attention spans, this system can cover more information in a shorter time.

Parents that have been homeschooling for a while soon learn how to choose the proper curriculum for each of their students. What worked well for one child this year may not be the one that will work well next year for a different child. This is something that doesn’t happen in formal schools. Every child has to use the same curriculum weather it works for them or not.

Contrary to popular op pion home schooled children do not suffer any lack of social growth. The truth is they are more social. They have the opportunity to be out in the world more and interact with a variety of adults and children from all walks of life.

Most neighborhoods have after school programs such a little league sports for both boys and girls. Many libraries also offer activities for children and young adults. Besides that there are religious actives for children. I’m sure there are many more activities that all aide in the child’s social growth.

All this can make for a better and happy learning experience for a child. As long as the parents involved realize the seriousness of their decision, homeschooling can provide a much superior education then the formal schools.