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Phone Line:

It isn’t hard to run an existing phone line to another part of your home. Anyone can do it. I live in a triple wide modular home and I needed several lines to the back rooms and one to the living room. I purchased the amount of wire that I needed along with a few junction or connection boxes at Lowe’s.

In the front room I drilled a 3/8 hole through the floor close to the wall. I dropped the end of the wire through the hole and pushed several feet of wire under the house. There is room to crawl under the home, but I prefer not to with all the spiders and bug that live under there. I took two ten foot inch PVC pipe and pinched them together with a coupling. You can use as many as you need to reach your wire. At one end of the pipe I used elbows to make a half box turn on the pipe. The turn on the pipe is to snag the wire and pull it to me.

In the past I have used the pipes to run a line through in order to reach a distant location. That is when I could retrieve the end to pull the wire on through. Once the wire is laid out just remove the connection box cover and connect the wires, they are color coded. As long as you have the red, white, green and yellow connected the telephone will work.

I ran the other lines in the same way. It is very low voltage and won’t hurt you. I could run some of my line under the overhang and some along the wall under the side panel. With a little imagination you can run the line wherever you wish. I have even ran the line under ground to a work shed.

If you have trouble hooking up, call the phone company. They are very pleasant and helpful in connecting you up. If you need a second line installed you’ll have to have the phone company hook you up. You’ll have to pay extra for the service.

The above article can also be used to run an electrical line for installing a receptacle plug. Only it’s a good idea to turn off the power before connecting it to the incoming current. Always put ground the plug to the receptacle box for safety. When connecting a 220 volt line, I strongly suggest you have a qualified electrician do the job.