Learn anything through self Teaching

Is self teaching possible, and can we really learn something when taught by ourselves. Or, are we just being foolish in thinking that we can learn in this manner? I can see why some people might be doubtful of this type of learning, but I believe it can be an excellent way of learning something new. Of course, as in anything else we strive to do, we must pay attention to the details and do it right, or our learning will be flawed and unfinished.

Self teaching is a very unique and versatile way to learn anything you choose to teach yourself. It allows you to set the pace, and direction for you education. You get to choose the “curriculum”, and books you wish to learn from.Independent learning, which has been around for a long time, is a form of self teaching. This has long been recognized as a method of learning by colleges and universities. Many years ago, I was completely computer illiterate. I had a very close friend who could not afford a babysitter, and I went to her house two or three times a week to watch her two young children. It was through constantly using her computer that I learned to use it properly. It took a lot of time, error and some consternation when I repeatedly crashed her system. However, I did learn and I think the following are the basics to self learning:

The first tenet of self education is a fierce,supreme desire to learn. Anything I really want to learn, I can, and I believe that holds true for most of the population. If we do not really want to learn it, then we probably will not be able to ever assimilate the knowledge. As a former teacher, I have had children quaking in their boots over a simple math problem, simply because it was a math problem. They would be convinced that they simply could not learn it, only to discover when left alone and allowed to do it themselves they excelled at learning the concepts.

The second tenet is tenacity. In order to teach yourself something you must be tenacious enough to stick with it. Not all learning is easy or quick. I am still trying to teach myself things I should have learned long ago. Self teaching is a process, and sometimes it is a slow one.

Nest, talk to others who have already learned what you want to teach yourself. This is especially good advice when trying to teach yourself a craft or anything requiring much practice to learn.

Never say Die! If you keep at something, you will get there. If you are one who easily gives up, you probably won’t achieve your goal.