Library Resources for the Home Schooler

If you home school your children, there are many items you will want to have to help them complete their education. Some of the resources you will use will be determined by the state that you live in. Other resources will depend non what is mandated  by the state’s curriculum. But there are a few books and references that every homeschooling parent should have for their use and for the use of their children. These resources, once acquired, should last for many years and will be very useful to your children.

One resource that any home needs is a good dictionary. There are dictionaries that are geared for young children and then there are those that are for older students. Look for  Scholastic, or  Merriman Webster as some excellent choices. Check out local book stores, or online, or even at a used book sale,   Students can get a lot of information from Dictionaries. The skill for looking up words is one that each child needs.

Another helpful resource is a home encyclopedia. Now you do not need to run out and buy a brand new edition if funds are not available. Again, check library book sales, garage sales, and yard sales. As long as the set is complete and has a copyright of 1990 you will be fine. 

Why an encyclopedia? They are quick resources to look up facts  and  fun to find all kinds of interesting tidbits about many topics., Look for World Book (grades 3-12), or New Book of Knowledge. ( grades 3-12) These are great for readers of all ages. Britannica is really for older students with a 6th/7th grades reading level.

You may also find very useful a Thesaurus ( dictionary of synonyms) which can be very helpful with writing.

An atlas from a book sale is also a great resources and can be great fun. When you are reading fiction from different countries, have your children  identify countries and locations of different events. When studying global issues and countries, an Atlas is crucial to be able to locate the countries that you are studying. A globe could also work here, just make sure it is not to old so that your students  will  not be confused by places that now have different names. 

Almanacs are also very fun to read and also have a lot of current information.   They are also inexpensive and can be purchased every year. 

Why should you have these resources when the internet is available? First of all, using books will get your children quick answers for the most part. Learning how to use these books will also transfer to finding information in other types of references, and also  be helpful to them when looking up any information in either print or electronic resources.

So start looking for these resources to add to your homeschooling collection!