Making the Decision to Home School what you should consider

Can Anyone Home School their Kids?

When I first considered home schooling my children, my biggest fear wasn’t any of the ones being thrown around by well-meaning friends and relatives like socialization. I was far more concerned as to whether or not I could adequately teach my children everything that they needed to know to be happy in their lives. I wanted to give my kids the best and I was genuinely unsure if I could do better than a school with their education. Six years later and a 15-year old in college, the days of self-doubt have come to an end and I look back on my doubts and feel a bit silly now. I know that I can home school my kids, but I also know that I SHOULD have home schooled my kids.

Meeting other home school families is always quite an experience. I don’t always know what to expect, but I am sometimes surprised when I think to myself that a particular family should NOT be home schooling. Those are usually the families where the parent who spends the most time with the children seem to not even like being with them! This has happened with families who have children of all ages. While I can’t imagine what motivates them to home school, they seem as if they would be happier to ship their kids off for several hours a day rather than be forced to interact with them, let alone teach them.

Successful home schooling will only work if there is a healthy foundation of a parent genuinely liking their kids. While almost every parent loves their children, not all can honestly say that they enjoy spending a good deal of time with them. Home schooling requires a lot of one on one time as well as social time. A child who is unhappy in school has trouble learning. If a child is unhappy at home and has a difficult time with a parent, it is no different. That child will not learn.

Aside from enjoying extended time with your children, there are many different teaching methods available for home schooling. If you truly enjoy spending time with your kids and have the desire and drive to teach them at home, then you have all of the makings of being a successful home schooling family.