Managing Work and Online College Courses

Time management is essential when juggling a full time job and Online College Courses. Taking classes online is a great alternative to physically being in the classroom when your job takes up most of your prime time class hours and you have a desire to further your education. The good news; you can take your tests and write your papers while sitting in bed and wearing your pajamas, the bad news; you still have to take your exams and write your papers, this is not the easy way out and in some cases the workload is even heavier for those that are not listening to classroom lectures. Self motivation and self discipline are key to making the marriage of work and school a success.

Reviewing course descriptions before choosing classes is important, make sure that the subjects can hold your interest; otherwise sleep will inevitably come each time you pick up your textbook. Be sure to designate an area in your house to keep all things ‘school -related’. Try to choose a place that is quiet without a whole lot of distractions a bedroom or den is usually a great spot to work.  

If you are taking a full course load that usually means four to five subjects at once. Setting aside a subject for each day will help you to stay on track without having to cram in five subjects in three hours every Sunday night. Perhaps Monday is Algebra and Tuesday is Creative Writing, the important thing is to mix it up. Set a different schedule for each week, as you move along the course you will be able to discern which subjects require the most work and which subject is a breeze. If your busiest day at works happens to be a Monday it may be a good idea to choose your easiest subject to work on that night, and if you get out a bit early on a Wednesday perhaps a Physics course that requires an exam a week should be your subject of choice for that night.

No matter what day you choose to do which subjects always make sure to leave time for you. Keep one day a week to just relax, one without school or work. Burnout can come on quick and hard when you are spreading yourself thin and when it hits functioning as both a student and employee will be nearly impossible.  Lastly, try to keep the experience as stress free as possible, on-line courses are designed to make it easier to do both work and school simultaneously make sure to take advantage of the ‘exams in bed with your pj’s on’ benefit of learning online as often as possible.