Mentor Christian Youth at Risk inner City

Christian youth programs provide at-risk youth support, guidance, tools and truth that they desperately need. It is difficult, even impossible to quantify the benefit Christian mentoring programs have on at-risk students. One thing is for sure: these mentoring programs don’t just help an individual, they impact society and ultimately have an impact on eternity.

The one-on-one relationship between a mentor and a mentee provides necessary and empowering support to that child. A relationship that reminds a child that he or she is loved, respected and a treasured child of God is the first step in helping a child. By spending time with that child, a Christian mentor can instill those values. When a child is empowered by the knowledge that they are unique they will value themselves more and make good decisions.

A mentor will also guide a child through the difficult childhood and teenage years. A Christian mentor will empathize with youth, help them learn to make decisions, prioritize and maturely work through problems. They will also celebrate their successes, laugh with them and be their friend.

Practical tools are also imperative for a successful mentorship relationship. A mentor should teach their youth skills that will help them succeed in the real world, skills that will ultimately prepare them to step out of the mentorship relationship and be independent adults. Skills include learning to use the bus system, how to apply for a job, obtain a drivers’ license, etc.

Finally, and most importantly, a Christian mentor will point their youth to a relationship with God. A mentor will first lead by example, prioritizing their relationship with God, spending time with God and demonstrating a life that reflects the importance of God in their own life.

From there, the mentor will teach their youth about God and how to have a relationship with Him. This is done through Bible studies, devotionals and discipleship.

When a Christian mentor joyfully demonstrates their relationship with God and how that relationship should flow into all areas of life, a mentee will have strength, confidence, and independence that they can’t get anywhere else. A relationship with God is a freeing relationship that gives them undiluted and unshakeable self-worth. This is important for everyone, not just at risk youth, but in an at-risk situation, this relationship will steer at-risk youth from detrimental choices.

A Christian mentoring program is a great relationship for at-risk youth, and one that can change the life of a child in incredible ways through a relationship with a caring mentor, and a relationship with God.