Mentoring and Tutoring Differences – Yes

While tutoring and mentoring are not the same thing, when a young person works with another adult in school or out of school either teaching them or talking to them they learn something and also take from their models on what they think and how they are. Whether the person is only tutoring them, they are having an impact and influence on the person and they are also driving them on a certain pathway so that they have a much deeper control on what they are doing. Tutoring in school does work the same as mentoring because the person is spending time with someone else and at the same time taking from their example and also learning what the other person has to offer them at any time. This is the best part of tutoring and mentoring for any person, and with the difference that with tutoring a person can also learn any subject from the person and be able to as them questions at the same time. Tutoring is very different from mentoring in the fact, that with a mentor a person knows that they are there to talk and relate, this is different than a tutor because the person is actually able to learn something from their role model and also keep an open relationship to any other subject. While mentoring has a more open way that the person can talk to the role model, a tutor is able to teach a person and help in school in any way necessary at the same time.

This is a great way that any person can actually learn from their tutor if they are able to communicate in a more open way and also talk to them about why they think they are not getting the subjects that they are learning at the same time. With a tutor a person is able to talk to them about school work and at the same time talk to them about their personal issues and anything that may be getting in the way of them not being able to concentrate at all with. School is a large and important part of an individuals life and regardless of how much of how little they like it they have to make the best from it. This way, any person can actually make a difference as a tutor by keeping students from failing at all times.