Mentoring how it Helps Youths Faced with Drug and Alcohol Addiction

 Youths who face drug and alcohol addiction can see great benefits through a mentorship program.  There are many ways in which such a program can be positive for such a youth, including the following.

The mentor can provide a positive role model

Many youngsters who are addicted to drugs and alcohol had parents or relatives with the same issues.  Others have counted drug dealers or others facing the same addictions as their role models in the past, and that may have sowed the seed of their addiction.  A mentor can be a positive role model who does not have these vices.  It can be someone that the youth can look up to who is showing them good lessons.  You can preach all you want to a youngster but many will just follow the behaviors that they see.  A mentor can show them these positive behaviors. 

The mentor can be someone the youth can turn to

Getting over an addiction is very difficult.  Some of these youths might not have a lot of people who they feel like they can turn to.  They might need someone who will listen to their problems and be the shoulder that they can lean on.  A mentor can provide this to a teen in this situation.  A good mentor might also be able to give advice.

The mentor can evaluate if the youth is having problems

A mentor might notice a child who otherwise might be slipping through the cracks.  The road to recovery is heralded by many pitfalls, and even a child who is doing well can “fall of the wagon,” so to speak.  A mentor might see this and be able to stop it in its tracks. 

The mentor can give the youth positive things to do

The mentor might be able to steer the child towards positive activities.  For instance, they may get the youth on some sort of sports team instead of spending time on the street where people are also abusing substances.  The mentor might be able to help the child do better in school or help him or her figure out what they want to do.  He or she might be able to steer them towards some things that they can excel out, which might help with their self-esteem.

A mentor can be invaluable to a youth facing drug and alcohol addiction.  The above reasons are why this is the case.