Mentoring Programs for High School Youth

The high school youth of today are in desperate need of mentoring in many different areas.  Teenagers are the hope of the next generation and must have guidance in order to be successful.  There are several mentoring programs for high school youth that they should be involved in to better their chances of success in the world we live in.

1)  The high school youth should be involved more in the church!  This article will not attempt to discuss which church is recommended, but when a youth is involved in a church, they have an opportunity to be mentored by the pastor.  A pastor has wisdom from God and is able to pass that on to those who want it.  A good mentoring program for high school youth must include counsel, direction, and teaching from the man of God and much will be learned from it.

2)  Sports should be a big part of the high school youth’s life!  This area of life is already popular with the youth and the idea of playing a sport should be suggested to a youth that is not already participating.  Mentoring through sports can teach a player team spirit, which is used in everyday life and will benefit the youth greatly to understand this concept.  A youth that is involved in a sport will also learn how to have a maturity about them when they lose.  Winning every game is not realistic and learning to lose sometimes can teach many lessons.  The coach is there to mentor through the sport and will help the youth to learn much.

3)  Every youth should learn how to play an instrument.  Music teaches and can be considering a great mentoring program.  Many youth that are involved in music are the ones that avoid the trouble the most because they are trying to better themselves in that area and don’t have time to play around with trouble.  Music is a great mentoring program for the youth.

The youth need to have a lot of mentoring to prepare them for the next step in life, which is adulthood.  The three above mentioned areas cover three very important spectrum’s in life.  Additionally, the lessons learned from these areas will be a mentor in itself to the youth that participate in them.  Much of the future depends on how much the youth are prepared and mentoring is a great tool used to prepare them.