Mentors – Male

This is a highly intriguing topic and quite frankly, it is a very tricky discussion. But I must say the benefits of having a male mentor out-weighs that of a female mentor. Though a female mentor may be able to establish a “common ground” with her pupil better than a male could, there are more subtle benefits to having a male mentor. And I shall try to explain these benefits to the best of my capabilities.

1. Women are spurred on to be successful when they hear of the derogatory remarks aimed at women.

2. The possibility of a physical attraction between the female pupil and the male mentor may serve as fuel for the women to continue to progress.

3. The experience may help the young female pupil to learn how to deal with males especially in the business world.

Unfortunately, most of us are aware that we live in a society that is full of people who look down on women. The media is full of false propaganda that kills the self-esteem of many women, and acts as poison to all those who believe in such malarkey. However, this causes some women to work extra hard to “prove” their abilities to their mentors. The result being that they not only surprise their mentor, but even themselves.

Another reason women seem to excel in life when they have a male mentor is due to a physical attraction to their male mentor. Some may argue that a physical attraction will serve as a distraction. However, I have observed that most women use this as an incentive to progress; pushing themselves harder to succeed. Some may even lead themselves to believe that their mentor will develop an attraction for them, once considerable improvements are made. This then turns into even more motivation to succeed and surpass any expectations their mentor may have set for them.

Finally, having a male mentor may help the female pupil learn how to deal with males in general. This skill can prove to be very useful especially when attempting to break into the business world. When a woman has exceptional “people skills,” she will find herself in a better position to be hired. And if she works for a large company and is trained in a growing career, she will be up for promotions rather quickly.

So then, despite the world’s prejudice against women, they can build and live happy successful lives. And I believe that having a male mentor gives them the “upper hand” or a greater advantage, which allows them to excel and succeed even with people pressuring them to fail.