Military Education in Schools

I must completely disagree with the article protesting military “education” in schools. Being an active part of my JROTC(Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps/paramilitary training) program, any skepticism has left by now and instead I see unlimited benefits. Although it can be taken too far, military [and war] awareness is important. Teenagers must have a well-rounded education. Although true academics must come first, colleges also look at ROTC as a very good thing.
College…The stage in life that may matter most in affecting your career and the rest of your life. I’ll list several ways that military education matters:
*1* Athletics- Staying fit is not in the curriculum of high school. After 1 year of high school athletics, you may take one more course or stop exercising for the rest of high school. Through the JROTC program, you will become physically fit, which will help in playing sports or just leading a good lifestyle.
*2* Scholarships- Everyone hopes to get a full ride or at least some help through college. True, if you join the National Guard Reserves, you are paid monthly for living costs, education, and various other bills are covered, but there’s other easier ways. One example would be the JROTC Marksmanship Team, which every unit has. Marksmanship is an Olympic sport as well as an NCAA sport(college level). By building yourself up in Marksmanship, you can get a college scholarship.
*3* Academics- JROTC isn’t just about spinning rifles or shooting them, you must maintain good grades to participate in extracurriculars. This is motivating to do well in school, but ROTC also teaches you history. Because my school is sponsored by the Navy, we learn about Maritime History. In all JROTC programs you learn about Leadership. Another key aspect of JROTC is teaching discipline, a very important life “skill”.
As you can see, I feel very strongly about military awareness in schools. If students are kept from the real world through high school, they won’t have time to adapt before on their own. The teenage years are critical in developing certain skills and understanding the world. Even some middle schools have what is called the Junior Cadet Corps, sort of like a JJROTC. OORAH!