Minority Mentees Mentors only same Matched Segregation Race Profiling – No

Asking this question is like asking the question, “Should we bring back segregation to the public school system?” After all, grouping minorities only with other minorities is segregation. No matter who is being segregated against it is still wrong.

We have moved on from segregation. We moved on from it because it was wrong to tell someone they had to go to a different school because they were a minority. Now people are suggesting a different kind of segregation. Now we have to have groups or programs that are only for minorities and no one from a majority is allowed to participate. How do we still not see the evils of this? Racism is racism no matter who the target is. A prejudice against a majority is still a prejudice. And after all this time, there is still no good justification for something as wrong as segregation.

What kids are taught in schools is important. It’s unfortunate enough that minorities often segregate themselves, feeling like they only fit in with others of the same race or background. It is even more unfortunate that they are also being taught by schools that the only thing that matters is their race. Schools are given ratings for how high their test scores are, but they are also profiled according to how racially diverse the school is as part of the calculation. The only focus with these ratings should be reviewing how well the students are learning and actually retaining the information they are being taught, but instead race also has to be considered.

There is absolutely no reason to bring segregation back, even if we are talking about only segregating certain programs at a school instead of segregating the school itself. By acting as if the most important thing about a person is their race instead of their talents and intelligence we are teaching students to be racists and that it is okay to judge people by their race. Racism will never end in this country if we keep accepting it in our schools. We have people who would support the idea of segregating certain school programs pretending that it will somehow improve race relations and we have colleges accepting people based on race so that their campuses will have a certain percentage of the different races. The only thing that matter is your race.

Schools should be about striving to accomplish our goals, not judging each other or separating people because of race. Grouping minorities into special programs and only allowing minorities to be apart of it is segregation. End the racism and end the segregation. We need to stop telling students to view everything in terms of race. We need to view people as people instead of viewing them only by their race.