Mothers can get their High School Diplomas

Have you ever felt a little bit of remorse over your status as a high school drop out, or cringed when you were asked to fill in a form describing the last year of school you attended?

As a mother you should never have to deal with feelings of inadequacy just because you do not have a high school diploma. You are, or have been, doing a job that requires a higher degree of skill and common sense than many highly paid professionals have, and yet you know that a simple stamped and signed piece of paper would do much for your self esteem and possibly even improve your image in the eyes of your children. Maybe it’s time to put action to those thoughts. Mothers can finish high school, too.

You may remember school as being very difficult. The work was so boring, or the tests were so hard. You may be afraid that you have forgotten everything you learned in the past, or you believe the well worn saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and you’ve been duped into believing your an old dog. All of these are phantom road blocks.

School could very well have been quite hard when you were a teen, but that may have been because your concentration level was being battered by your hormones. As long as you wait until your children have started growing up, your hormones should be under control.

Do not try going back to school immediately after having a baby. Many moms experience a temporary change in their thinking ability. Your hormones will increase the strength in your arms and make you gentle and loving, but, according to some moms, they could also “turn your brain into mush” for a short while. Don’t be disheartened. Before long, that problem will resolve itself, and you will find your mind clearer than ever before.

You will also notice that your added reservoir of experiences will have transformed you into a totally different student from what you once were. You may find that, instead of having lost what you once knew, you are actually breezing through what was once a nightmare.

If you are convinced that you can do it, and you know you want to do it, you may still have a problem finding the time.  But there are ways to solve this problem.

First, consider taking on line courses, or distance education. This works well for moms who are homeschooling their children. Just be sure to schedule your study time to coincide with their independent working time. An added bonus to doing your own school work along side your children, is the bond that forms between you and your young homeschoolers. For the period of time that Mom is doing school, she faces the same challenges that they face, needs the same encouragements that they need, and gets just as excited when she aces a test. Your children will be your biggest encouragers.

If you don’t think you have the willpower to do it at home on your own, or you prefer a night out, try night school. You’ll be surprised at how enjoyable this weekly outing can be. If your children are older, or have a grandma who doesn’t mind babysitting, talk your husband into doing a course or two with you. Doing school together with your sweet heart can be a delightful way to spend an evening.

You don’t need to do it all at once. Chose a reasonable schedule that works for you. If you check with your education department, you may find that you don’t need a full set of credits to qualify for a high school diploma. Often, your experience counts for part of your education, and it may be that you only need a few courses.

A high school diploma need not be just a fantasy for the Mother that left school before completion. It can be a reality. With a little bit of determination, and the support of your family, you, Mom, can be a successful high school graduate.