Must have Supplies for a Homeschooling Classroom

When homeschooling children, it is important to have the right resources available.  Here is an overview of what you will need when home schooling children.

Curriculum guidance

It is important that home schooling parents ensure that they are teaching their children age relevant topics and that the things that their children are learning will contribute to their child fulfilling their potential.  For guidance on the topics that should be covered there are curriculum guidance packs available.  These can be obtained via the internet, the telephone or through your local education authorities.


Homeschooling will require many of the basic resources found in a regular classroom.  Not having these resources available will waste precious time that could be spent educating your child.  Basics should include notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers and a variety of paper.


To teach mathematics there are specific pieces of equipment that you will need.  Often, these are also useful in teaching the sciences.  Items should include a compass, a protractor, a set square and a calculator.  Ready made packs of these are readily available fro many stationary shops and are not expensive to buy.  


Having a wide range of books available is essential.  Not only can they be used for reading and general literacy development, they can also be used as research materials for projects.  It is best to have a wide variety of topics covered so that they will be useful for different aspects of the curriculum.  There should also be a mix of fiction and non-fiction materials available.


While parents often discourage children from spending too much time watching the television, it can actually be a really useful resource when home schooling children.  Films of books that you have read can be studied and looked at from the media angle, documentaries can be watched to support history, geography, science and technology, or the television can be used to watch resources specifically created for the education of children in the home.

Computer and internet access

The computer can be useful for your child to complete their work on rather than always writing in their books.  It is also a great resource for research.  Another use of the internet is playing literacy and numeracy games online or for obtaining printable resources for your home classroom.  The use of the computer is a skill within itself that needs to be learned as it will be an essential life skill needed in the workplace when your child becomes an adult.