On Line Degree Programs can help your Career – Yes

In February of this year I finished an on line degree program. I finished a 13 month accelerated Associate degree program with a concentration in Healthcare Management. Even though at times it was every frustrating, I was working two job and raising two children. I was submitting four assignments that were due each week for the two classes at a time I was taking. I manage to get though it with a 3.71 GPA and finish with honors.

I believe that it has help my career because you had to learn the basics. For example, you had to take a math which as everyone knows we can never learn to much of it. They also showed us Accounting which any good business person knows we all need to learn. During that course they showed us spread sheets and taught us to keep track of the books for a company. Also you had to take an English, and for people out there like me we can definitely learn more English skills. Also during that course they showed us how to write memos and how to write proposal’s. All of these classes are vital to making it the work force. Whether you are a business owner or a co-worker all of these class can help us in one way or other.

But what helped me the most with my career is that I learn basic advertising skills and how to make a company heard. We also went over different marketing skills for foreign and domestics markets. With these skills it helped me understand how a company runs and what we need to make a company run. All the ins and outs and bells and wistles. A company just doesn’t run on it own unfortunately as much as everyone would like it to. But, in a company you need good people to run it, and with going to an online college to learn these skills. Made it easy for me to learn because I got to work at my pace and there are always people there to talk to, to help you with your work.

On-line degree programs are helpful to a career by they teach you what you need to know. By this I mean they can show you the material that you need to know before and after you start and while you are working there. On-line classes also teach you good disciple to that will help in the work environment. They can also give you a general over view of what a day at the a job is like. They teach you about real life situation to help you get ready for work. I have recently start a new online program that actually has videos to watch on the computer to teach you how to do basic and non basic skills. They also give you material to practice with and show you how to use it. So that when you go to work in the job field that you are studying you can do the work. I know that when I tell people that I am going online to go to school that they tell me that is not practical. But what some people don’t know is that these school are accredited by the online distance learning association and are practical in every way.