On Line Learning Distance Learning

The reason why someone takes online classes varies with the needs of that person. However, the issue of managing learning with full time working requires some thought. This is because other people might be involved, the working schedule of the employed work covers a set part of the day and learning for the course needs time to take place.  Also where and when the coursework is to be done needs to be planned.  

Perhaps the first idea might be to think about the best times to do the coursework. Some individuals learn best first thing in the morning, others prefer the evening. Even spending some time during lunchtime going over the material might help to break it into manageable chunks. For each person knowing their most receptive times will be a starting point. Trying to keep to this organization requires discipline which can be hard to maintain, but with the idea that there is an achievable goal at the end it is possible to keep going for a given period of time. 

It is worth negotiating with family members about when and where the course is done and asking for their help and consideration about being ‘absent’ from them while this is happening. It can be frustrating for them when they have to be quiet to respect the efforts of the person doing the course.  One way to compensate them is to be open and honest with them when the student is available so that the time spent with them is well used. 

 Looking at the entire course, it is easy to be overwhelmed with what has to be done and lose heart. Recognizing that, keeping the sections separate and ticking them off when done the course can be achieved successfully. Keeping the sections of the material to be learnt in proportion is most helpful.

Having a designated working area is always useful. However small this space is it means everyone can respect the materials left on the desk and the student can pick up where they left off. Knowing that books, papers, writing materials, computer and work in progress can be left without having to be cleared away at the end of each session is one way to make the work easier. 

Working on online classes while working full time demands effort and commitment, but if it adds qualifications which allow that person to advance in their job or even get a better job the whole family gains. For an adult in a family it does no harm for the children to see that their parent has the drive and energy to work and go for advancement. It sets an excellent example