Online Education Benefits

Convenience and comfort are among the major benefits of online education.  It has become popular as an alternative method of education to the traditional university campus.  From once being considered second grade, online universities have earned respect in many cases.  Some have become well known, like University of Phoenix and Walden University.  Washington Governor’s University is an online university that is regionally and nationally accredited.  It has courses in special education and education degree programs that award a Masters which are accepted and even integrated with the fifth largest school district in the United States, the Clark County School District.

*Accreditation and Finance

These online schools are credentialed by the accreditation agencies that approve institutions of higher learning according to their degree programs and curriculum. They are able to offer student loans, grants and scholarships through financial aid programs administered by the federal government. Adults seeking to upgrade their education and career skills should look into the benefits of online education. If you have to pay for school yourself, check out how much financial aid you will be offered.  If employed, your employer may be able to match funds, pay for coursework entirely if it is related to your job.

After exiting the military, some men and women prefer to enroll in an online university because they do not feel the same as students on campus who are the same age.  Their military experience has widened their worldview and they are serious about acquiring the education necessary to qualify for better jobs.  They are able to their first Bachelor of Arts degree, and the degree is accepted by the military and employers, ranging from private to governmental agencies.

A factor to consider if you do not plan to continue working at a job while working on coursework or a degree, is that strictly online schools are often not competitively priced, the financial aid not nearly as much as what a traditional school can offer. The campus school usually offers the same or similar courses and degree programs that you can take online, so that you can register at the state university and get the benefits of full financial aid while still doing much of the work at home.


Before you enroll in an online university, be sure to check whether it is credentialed and will be accepted by civil service agencies, which often have degree requirements for promotion.  If you are thinking of getting your first Bachelors and eventually entering a field like education or medicine, you must make sure that the degree program will be eligible for acceptance into further professional degree programs and licensure.

The American public school system has a council on higher learning and national accrediting agencies which watch to see public education is meeting high standards.  Avoid schools that offer to send you a diploma after you fill out a resume and send a payment.  Civil service and private employers will check out their credentials and not only will you not get the job, but they will get the impression that you are not scrupulous about your own credentials.

*Social Aspect of Campus vs. Online Learning

Of course certain degree programs such as physical education, the arts, sciences like chemistry, require most of their students to attend the school as a physical presence. Some of the courses in an arts degree program, such as Art Appreciation, Art History or Music Appreciation, are often offered online by the campus-based university, while the majority, like the studio classes and music performance classes must be attended in person. In fact, studying art and music classes together, participating in physical education classes, doing laboratory chemistry projects together are fun and enjoyable. 

Depending on your age group and marital status, the need to support yourself, you will find different reasons for wanting to work on an online degree.  If you are quite young and love to socialize, you do not want to miss the dormitory and Greek life.  If you are not single, a nontraditional student age wise, or you are your only source of financial support, you will no doubt embrace the convenience of learning online. 

If you have a disability which makes getting around a large campus inconvenient, you will probably love the convenience and comfort of studying and working on your courses at home.  But you might feel lonely if you are not leaving the house to go to a daily place of employment.  You might want to go on campus for events, or join a club because you would have an opportunity to meet and converse with other students.  The online schools usually offer chat rooms so you can make contact with other students. If you attend evening and weekend events, you will feel like you already know everybody by the time you get there.

The benefits of online education outweigh the disadvantages, and can be invaluable as a means of pursuing your educational goals.