Online High School

“Going Green” is a buzz phrase among environmentalists these days. But few institutions have integrated this vision into their organizational mission to make it a collective effort and work towards making this world a better place for our future generations.

In order to come up with sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives, socially responsible organizations have reengineered their processes and procedures in order to reduce waste. One such solution has been to turn to a paperless environment and save the countless number of precious trees that are cut on a daily basis to manufacture paper.

Alford High School has taken up this global mission as its corporate mission, too. In addition to its ambitions to make education easily accessible to all, there is yet another reason why it solely functions as a completely online entity. As compared to other brick and mortar and some click and mortar institutions, the reason for its exclusive online existence is to play an active role in conserving as much of nature’s gifts as possible.

Alford High School came up with this proposition of operating as a completely online entity to make sure that it does more good than just one. Apart from giving educational services to its students through flexible and accessible online programs, the other perspective to its online existence is to make sure that every process is generated and optimized to such an extent that it becomes a completely paperless system – hence reducing our dependency on paper to meet our requirements.

As a result, Alford High School has made efforts to optimize its education processes in such a way that it largely eliminates the need for any sort of paperwork. Everything required for your education, from lecture notes to test papers, is provided online and does not require any educational material to be printed on paper.

Alford High School believes that transforming and educating students not only involves giving them the required knowledge to succeed in the professional world, but it also involves teaching them to be socially responsible citizens of this world through words and actions. They should consider it as their responsibility to conserve the environment for future generations.

In order to live the mission set out by many in words, Alford High School has taken concrete actions to make the online pedagogy so independent and self-sufficient that it eliminates the need to include any aspect that might harm the environment in any way whatsoever.