Online Learning how to Make Effective use of Online Tutors

Online learning is a process in which collaborative learning takes precedence and would be facilitated by the unique role played by the tutors as being facilitators and not the traditional role played by the teachers. But, as with any other learning method, online learning would also require the students to be guided and it is up to the students to receive guidance from the online tutors as and when necessary. At the same time, if the tutors feel that the groups of students or individual students are falling behind, they may take necessary action to rectify the situation although such effort may not be seen in most instances.

Therefore, when being an online student, you should have an idea about how useful the resource of tutors are and how effectively can this resource be used to gain the maximum out of the learning experience.

Let us now discuss some of the strategies that need to be adapted by online students in order to do the same.

• Participate in the online forums actively

When a student participate in online forums actively, there is more likelihood of a student being noticed and be given constructive feedback by the online tutors. Thus, contributing to the discussions forums would be an important strategy to make use of the tutor resources that are available for the online course.

• Ask questions from the tutors as and when necessary

In the online learning platform, the more you ask from the tutors the more you gain. It is the interactions that would matter and therefore interacting with the tutors synchronously or asynchronously would probably the best mode of making use of online tutors.

• Be specific in your queries and direct questions which are relevant to the learning process

If you direct questions which are not relevant to the learning process, it would be a waste of the tutors time and effort. At the same time, not being specific would also mean that there will be wastage in time and effort on the part of both the tutors as well as on the side of the students.

• Indicate to the tutors where in the discussion forums would you like their input

Such indications would be noticed by the tutors and in most instances would provide the forum with a constructive view point in relation to the matter at hand.

• Be in contact with the tutors through other means of communication than through the online learning platform.

In most of the online courses, the tutors would like the students to interact through the online platform and would not be so keen on inviting the students to contact them directly. But, if the tutors agree, obtaining their email address and sending in the queries that you may have can pave way for a better academic relationship and guidance from the online tutors.