Online Opportunities for Teachers through Distance Learning

The field of distance learning is exploding and the future of this educational forum looks extremely bright. There are countless online opportunities for teachers in all subject areas to share their expertise and make money. As a teacher now home with my kids, I have taught Japanese students English over the internet and have worked with an ESL school in South Africa. What a fascinating time to be an educator!

Here are four very good places to begin your job search for online teaching work:

Then check out the MANY universities and colleges that offer distance learning programs. There you will find further information regarding employment opportunities.

Next, search google for “virtual high school” and you’ll find even more opportunities in the U.S. and abroad!

I have taught online and found it very rewarding and convenient. Those of us with young children now have the option of staying home with the kids and continuing to teach as well. Not a bad option if you can fit it into your busy day!

Likewise, teachers who normally earn extra money waitressing or working a second job (as a surprising number of teachers do!) will find this an excellent way to supplement their income and gain further experience in an up-and-coming field of education!