Online Universities and the End Result – No

Any reasonable person (or employable person, for that matter) knows that there will never be a time when someone will come knocking at your door with an opportunity that seems too good to be true and actually is that good. Yet, there are hundreds of accredited for-profit online universities that operate in exactly this way. The majority of applicants to Harvard or Yale never receive so much as an acknowledgement of their application. The online universities never turn down anyone that qualifies for the federal financial aid dollars that go right into the pockets of their shareholders.

Ask the admissions advisor that tries to enroll you into their fine institution about their own educational background. Many of these promoters of formal education have no college degree. That does not make them bad people, but rather reinforces the fact that they are professional sales people and that even if they have a degree, they cannot find a job in the industry in which they earned their degree. The admissions advisor is a high pressured salesperson. They are selling you a concept, an idea, not an actual product of any type. They are selling you on your own dreams by asking you whether or not you hate your current job or your current place in the world. They then tell you that all of your dreams will come true if you earn your college degree and then agree to pay back all of the student loans that go along with it.

If you are of the vast minority that actually finish school with a degree from an online university that that makes this process as easy as possible by inflating your actual performance and issuing grades that are well above the level of performance that you have actually achieved, you will probably find that most companies that are hiring candidates for your chosen field will not even consider you for the positions that they have available. Even most graduate level students from these online universities have no communication or language skills. It behooves the adjunct professors that teach at these online universities to continue offering passing grades to students that do not deserve them because the reward of doing so is too good to pass up. Putting degrees in the hands of people that do not deserve them is one of the goals of our current philosophy of leveling the playing field for everyone. Also, because the institutions are technically accredited, the government that funds this type of inadequate education would have to admit that the billions of taxpayer dollars that the US government issues to for profit schools are nothing more than wasted tax dollars that end up funding television commercials for institutions like the University of Phoenix. Nothing that is worth doing is ever easy.