Online University Reviews Baker College Online

Do you need to finish your degree? Are you too busy working to pay the bills to go back to school? If so, then you may be interested in the degree programs offered by Baker College online. Baker College caters to adult students who require the flexibility of online degree programs so that they can work toward their degrees while continuing to work.

Baker College is a career school with one goal in mind: helping you reach your career objectives in as little time as possible. Understanding the demanding schedules that their students usually maintain, Baker College offers approximately thirty-six different degree programs and certificates that can be achieved through online coursework including Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees.

Some of Baker College’s Associate degree programs include Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Computer Programming, General Business, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Web Design.

The school’s Bachelor degree programs also include Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. However, they also include Business Administration, Computer Science, Finance, Health Services Administration, Project Management and Planning, Web Development, and even a Bachelor of Science degree program in Psychology.

Baker College also offers students the opportunity to achieve advanced post graduate degrees such as Masters degrees in Accounting, Finance, General Business, Health Care Management, Human Resource Management, Leadership Studies, Marketing, and Information Systems.

Baker College offers students a wide variety of degree programs to help them advance their careers. But, what’s more is that Baker also ensures that students from all income brackets are given an equal opportunity to expand their knowledge with extremely affordable tuition. Not including enrollment and matriculation fees, undergraduate degree programs are priced at approximately $180 per credit. Graduate degree programs are roughly $300.

The school even has a tuition reimbursement plan for students whose employers offer tuition reimbursement. This program allows student to defer their tuition payments until five weeks after their courses have been completed, giving their employers plenty of time to reimburse them.

Baker College’s undergraduate and graduate programs are also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education. So, you can rest assured that your degree will be recognized by your future employers!

For individuals who would like to complete their unfinished degrees, or simply expand their knowledge in their specific fields to increase their industry marketability, Baker College online is a great option. Classes and coursework are available online, flexible, and affordable.