Online University Reviews Grand Canyon University Online

Ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the top five online universities, The Grand Canyon University is a reputable institution for higher learning with over 10,000 students nationwide. GCU offers a wide variety of degree programs online, including Bachelors and Masters degrees in various fields of study including Nursing, Business, Liberal Arts, and Education.

Prospective undergraduate students must hold a high school diploma or the GED equivalent and at least a 2.5 grade point average before applying for any of GCU’s undergraduate degree programs. Also, high school students hoping to enroll in the university’s undergraduate programs should also have a minimum combined score of 920 on their SATs. Graduate students must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and a minimum of two years of full time work experience. In addition, students must also hold an average grade point average of at least 2.8 in order to be considered.

Grand Canyon University offers various degree programs online. Students can enroll in online degree programs offered through GCU’s Ken Blanchard College of Business. Bachelor of Science degrees are available in Accounting, Applied Management, Business Administration, Marketing, and Public Safety Administration. In addition, GCU’s College of Entrepreneurship offers a Bachelor of Science degree program with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies. For graduate students, the Ken Blanchard College of Business also offers Master degrees in Business Administration, Master of Science degrees in Executive Fire Service Leadership and Leadership (with an option to concentrate in Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Management).

GCU’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences gives undergraduate students the opportunity to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Addiction Counseling, Health Sciences, and Medical Imaging Sciences. Certificates of Completion are also awarded in Advanced Graduate Studies in Addiction Counseling, Vascular Interventional Technology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computer Tomography, and Cardiac Interventional Technology. The College of Nursing also offers a Bachelor of Science degree program in Nursing. Graduate students can enroll in Master of Science degree programs in Addiction Counseling, Nursing, and Professional Counseling.

The Grand Canyon University’s College of Education offers students the opportunity to enroll in Bachelor of Science degree programs in Elementary Education or Secondary Education. Graduate students can continue their studies in education by obtaining Master of Arts degrees in Teaching (MAT) or Master of Education (M.Ed.) degrees with a variety of concentrations. However, prospective students should be aware that they are responsible for contacting their respective state departments of education in order to ensure that their program has been approved.

Grand Canyon’s Liberal Arts school also offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Christian Leadership, Christian Studies, English for Secondary Teachers, and Interdisciplinary Studies. GCU also offers a Bachelor of Science degree program in Psychology.

GCU has also received accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. The Ken Blanchard College of Business is also nationally accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.

Although the university is reputable, affordable, and certainly convenient, prospective students should be aware of GCU’s commitment to integrating the Christian faith into various, if not all, aspects of their campus life. While the university maintains that it has no religious affiliation, and that no religious affiliation is required in order for a student to be admitted, students, particularly those of different religious denominations, may wish to take this into consideration before applying. For more information about admissions policies or applying to the Grand Canyon University, please visit their website at