Online University Reviews Kaplan University Online

Kaplan University offers a variety of degree programs under there different schools. Kaplan’s School of Arts and Sciences offers Associate degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies, Communication and Childhood Development in addition to Educational Paraprofessional training. Kaplan also offers Bachelor degrees in Communication/Organizational Communication, Technical Writing, and Psychology (with concentrations in Applied Behavioral Analysis, Child Development, and Substance Abuse.

Kaplan’s Business School offers Associate degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Management, and Global Travel and Hospitality Management. Bachelor degrees offered by Kaplan include Accounting, Business Security and Assurance, General Business, Finance, Management of Information Systems, Communication, Management, and Marketing. Master of Business Administration degrees are available for graduate students as well as Master of Science degrees in Management/Change Leadership, Health Care Management, Project Management, and Supply Chain Management and Logistics. In addition, Kaplan’s business school also offers certificates in Financial Planning, Executive Coaching, Project Management, Risk Management and Six Sigma.

Kaplan University’s Criminal Justice School gives students the opportunity to obtain Associate degrees in Criminal Justice with specializations in Corrections, Law Enforcement, and Private Security. Bachelor degrees are available with specializations in Computer Crime, Corrections, Crime Analysis, Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Psychology, Fraud Examination and Investigation, Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, Juvenile Justice, Law Enforcement, and Private Security. Graduate students can continue their criminal justice studies by obtaining their Master degrees in Corrections, Law, Policing, Global Issues in Criminal Justice, and Leadership and Executive Management. In addition, students can apply for criminal justice certificates in Corrections, Crime Scene Technician, and Private Security.

The Education School at Kaplan University offers an Associate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Teacher Intern Certificate, and Masters degrees in Education (M.Ed.), Teaching and Learning (MAT), Student Services, and Higher Education/ College Teaching and Learning.

For students interested in Health Sciences, Kaplan University offers various degree programs including Associate degrees in Medical Assisting, Medical Office Management, Medical Transcription, and Nursing. Bachelor degrees are offered in Health and Wellness, Health Science, Nutrition, and Dietetics. Masters degrees are available in Nursing. Also, students have the option of enrolling in courses to complete health science certificates in Case Management, Forensic Nursing, Geriatric Care Management, Legal Nurse Consulting, Life Care Planning, Medical Coding, and Pharmacy Technician.

Kaplan also offers Associate degrees in Computer Information Systems with concentrations in Programming and Web Development. The school also offers Bachelor degrees in Network Technology, Software Development, and Information Technology with specializations in Databases, Network Administration, Programming, and Web Development. In addition, certificate programs are available in Internet Website Development and Introduction to Computer Programming Languages.

Individuals interested in pursuing Legal studies should certainly look into Kaplan’s plethora of degree programs which include Bachelors degrees in paralegal studies with concentrations in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Corporate Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Legal Technology, Office Management, Personal Injury, Real Estate Law, and Social Security Law. In addition, Kaplan offers Associate degrees in paralegal studies and a Legal Secretary Certificate program.

Another benefit students will receive at Kaplan University is the lower cost of tuition. While most universities require students to purchase books and course materials in addition to their tuition fees, Kaplan includes these costs in the student’s overall tuition. Fees will vary depending on the degree program the student is enrolled in. Undergraduate programs are typically priced at $320 per credit. Graduate Education programs and Master of Science degrees in Criminal Justice and Nursing are all priced at $350 per credit. Master of Science degrees in Management are roughly $380, Master of Business Administration degree programs vary from $395 to $475 per credit. Fortunately, financial aid is available for those who qualify and Kaplan does offer merit based scholarships to some exceptionally qualified students.

Prospective students should also be aware that Kaplan University has high standards for admissions. Undergraduate students must hold a high school diploma or a GED. Students applying to graduate programs must maintain a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and must also have at least a 2.5 grade point average. Individuals applying to Kaplan’s Certificate programs must have at least a high school diploma (or GED), although some programs require Associates degrees. Prospective students hoping to transfer to Kaplan from another institution can apply, however, transfer credits are evaluated and accepted on a case by cases basis by Kaplan University admissions counselors.

For more information on Kaplan University, please visit their website at At the school’s website, prospective students will have the opportunity to engage in a live chat with an admissions advisor who trained to answer any of their possible questions or concerns.