Preparing to Homeschool

In today’s age, traditional public schooling has been going increasingly downhill.  In a normal school’s environment, there are many distractions that can keep students from focusing on their work.  Students talk amongst themselves, there is constant bullying (an increasing issue in today’s world), teachers often are unable to keep control of an entire class and teach effectively; the list goes on. 

Added to that, there is the morning commute to school, the afternoon bus ride home, all the time spent switching classes-all of this is wasted time.  There will always be peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. in these environments.  For many, the solution is to transfer students to homeschooling (or cyber school, as another alternative).  A majority of the students who switch to home school grow to be successful, smart, healthy, and well- mannered citizens later in life.

This can often be because students are able to concentrate more on their school work, and be more involved.  Many people believe that you would not be as involved in the curriculum with home school as you would be at a traditional public school, because there is no teacher providing the material and presenting it to the student.  However, for many, this is not the case.  Students are far more self-motivated and encouraged to go deeper into the information being taught, because it benefits them overall.  Often, they will do more research than there would ever be time for at a public school.

In addition, there is less peer pressure, so there is far less of a chance to be pressured into drugs and other acts.  A common concern is that, with home school, despite the lack of peer pressure, there is also a lack of socialization.  Again, this is often not the case. 

All over, there are groups that will help students who participate in home school to socialize, and make friends with people their own age.  In many cases, this provides them with a far safer environment to be with their friends than in a public school building.  Through this, students have the opportunity to build good relationships, and work on their social skills.  In no way are they lacking in socialization or friendship.

For all of the concerns that people have about home schooling, there are ways around all of these problems, and unwanted situations can easily be avoided.  The main thing is to be prepared for the transition.

Students who are home schooled will need to be more disciplined than other students because it is often that they will be doing the work on their own, without someone to make them do it.  Unless they keep on top of their school work, students can easily fall behind and their grades will start to slip. 

It is also important to prepare a workspace for each individual student (if there is more than one student being home schooled in the household) that is free of distractions, organized, and easily accessible.  Just following these instructions can help to ensure that students will succeed in the home environment, and excel at their studies.

Another thing that should be looked into beforehand is what kind of socialization will be available for the students.  In almost every community, there will be an organization for home schooling families.  These types of groups will hold meetings regularly, and often meet in different, fun places. 

This helps students to meet others in their own age groups that live lives similar to them, are going through the same things, and that share common interests.  With this, it will be easy to make friends in a safe environment, and chances are that peers will get along much better here than they would at traditional public schools.

These are just a few of the ways that you can prepare for the home schooling transition.  The biggest change of all is the emotional one.  Suddenly, a student will be spending every day at home, near the family, and you could end up with a lot more “family bonding time” than you ever bargained for.  It is important to allow everyone their personal space, and make sure everyone has activities to keep them from spending too much time in the house.

Overall, home schooling can be a wonderful way to keep students safe, help them move forward in life, and ensure that they are all receiving the education they deserve.  Preparing for such a large transition can seem daunting, and sometimes impossible, but with time, it ultimately becomes a great change, and a wonderful experience for almost everyone.