Pros and Cons of getting an Online Education

If you are planning to get your college career started and you’re looking to get it started in an online atmosphere there is some good news and some bad news for you.  There are some pros and there are some cons when it comes down to the bottom line of taking online courses.

When you enroll to begin your online classes you will find the cost is not less than if you would have enrolled in a conventional classroom setting.  You will still have to get your books and there is not usually a discount just because you are enrolling in an online class.  In fact you will find that just about every aspect of an online class is the same other than the fact that you do not have a lot of one on one time with the teacher, if any and in some cases it takes up to a week to get an email back from a teacher about a question you have.

The biggest con that can be found with taking online courses is that you must have a lot more discipline in managing your time.  It is very easy to get behind on assignments and when you do it’s even harder to get caught up.  The assignments are usually posted in some type of a forum along with assigned reading, quizzes, reports and the occasional on campus test.

Another issue is that teachers do not always go out of their way to make themselves available for extra instruction.  It’s been told that the whole purpose for the online course is to not have the one on one instruction. You signed up for the class knowing that there was a certain part of the traditional learning process that you would be sacrificing. You will learn that teachers are less sympathetic to your “issues” if you fall behind because it was made clear the responsibility you would have taking online courses.

The pro of online courses is that in most cases it is at your pace.  So if you are good at managing your time and are willing to make sacrifices to make sure your assignments are completed you can general get a few weeks ahead with relative ease.

Some teachers will lock most all assignments until a certain date and then the assignment will be opened up so that you may start completing it. That way you can’t get too far ahead and lose touch with the purpose of the class.  This can be very frustrating if you have managed your time well and in some cases the assignments may be so easy and not being able to fulfill the time slot you have set aside with a legitimate assignment may cause you to lose interest pretty fast.

All in all online classes are not the best option for most people. A lot of people do not have what it takes to manage my time but going to a conventional class will be practical either.  Before you begin you classes online just remember to treat it like school and assign at minimum two days per week and a specific time slot of at least three to five hours to complete your assignments and do research as needed.  This means turn the phones off, send the kid to a babysitter if you can, assign break times and stay focused because you will lose interest.

You will be told before you start your online classes to follow those few steps and you will succeed. It is very important that you heed the warnings of the teachers and do everything that they encourage you to do to succeed.  Online classes regarding discipline and if you do not have it, I would suggest taking a traditional class.