Pros and Cons of Online Degrees

Online college has opened up doors for many people who could not otherwise attend college to get a degree. Many mothers who wish to return to school are not able to go to a ground campus. There are many benefits to an online degree, there are some disadvantages too.

Many people who cannot go to an online campus can return to school. Many stay-at-home moms who want to further their education or begin their college education can return to school by going to college online. Divorced parents who have to hold down a job can return to school online.

Online school is a relaxing way to learn and can be done at your own pace. Lessons do have a specified due date but can be done a little at a time as long as the due date is met.

Going to college online to earn an online degree can be done anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. People can go on vacation as long as they do their work while they are gone.

Getting an online degree saves on childcare. Parents can attend college at home so there’s no need for a babysitter.

Work can be done ahead of time if a person has the time to do it that way. Sometimes things happen in life that require a person to get his or her work done ahead of time. Online college allows that to be done since the assignments are all posted at the beginning of each class.

Online school cans sometimes move so fast that a person seems overwhelmed. It is hard to keep up with assignments sometime because it moves at a fast pace and many people who are going to college online have other commitments too so it can get a bit hectic.

If you don’t understand a subject it is harder to get help. Teachers can help over the computer but it is not quite the same as in person assistance. Math is one of the hardest subjects to do online. It requires a lot of one on one attention sometimes and a person does not get that at an online college.

Discussions are done online and sometimes the tone and language in a post doesn’t come through the way that it is meant to. Sometimes there can be confusion.

Online college can cost people a lot more than ground campus costs. Many times people attend online college out of state. In state you can get stipends and grants that are not available to out of state students.

Online college has opened many doors to people who could not attend college otherwise. It may have its disadvantages but for many people the benefits outweigh them.