Public School Problems

Public schools provide some educational and extracurricular options for students, but public schools fail to provide a completely secure and enjoyable educational environment for the students and for the teachers.  Public school students are dictated to by their teachers and are told what they HAVE TO learn instead of being taught what they want to learn in a way that makes sense to them.  Public school teachers are told by the government how and what to teach students, regardless of whether or not the students are interested in or grasping the material.  The limitations at public schools are some of the reasons why more families are opting to homeschool their children. 

Public schools are completely controlled by the government and funded for by the taxpayers.  Because there are so many students who attend public schools, classrooms are overcrowded and each student is regarded by the government as just a number.  Many public schools are focused on proving that the teachers are doing their jobs by helping students pass tests.  Whether or not the students are learning the material is not as much a priority as making the public school’s staff look good.  Every child is unique and learns in their own special way.  Forcing a child who has a learning disability to learn complex material in the same method that the other students are learning will not work.  Children who have learning disabilities need to be taught differently, but public schools offer very little help to students who have learning disabilities because funding for special education teachers is limited. 

Students who are more advanced than the rest of their classmates also face limitations in the public school environment.  Public Schools strive to cater to all of the students in the classroom and the students who are excelling and learn quickly must wait until the rest of the class grasps the material.  Students who are more academically advanced should not have to feel bored, restless, and frustrated in class because they are waiting on their other classmates to catch up.  Education is much better when there are more hands on instruction and individualized attention.  Homeschooling helps parents to provide more one on one learning for their children, especially if they take a longer or slower time grasping concepts. 

Homeschooling is ideal for families that want to give their children opportunities to learn subjects at their own pace.  If a child enjoys studying butterflies, through homeschooling, they can explore butterflies in more depth.  If a homeschooled child struggles with math, he can take more time to understand the material without worrying about whether or not he is behind the rest of his peers.  Homeschooling also gives families more freedom to involve their children in extracurricular activities that they enjoy and that could lead to careers when they grow older.  Public school courses must be learned within a specific period of time whether the student is ready to learn the material or not.  Through homeschooling, students can focus on subjects and activities that matter to them. 

The stresses of homework, bullying, peer pressure and tests can be too much for some students to handle on their own.  The students are not the only ones who have to deal with those problems; teachers must deal with them too.  When a teacher is stressed out and overworked, their health is affected and their job performance is negatively impacted.  Many public school teachers are expected to teach students, supervise them, create and mark tests and assignments.  If students misbehave, the teachers are usually the first people blamed for not being able to control the children, even though they must divide their attention amongst the other students.  Homeschooling removes all of the distractions that are in a public school setting.  Homeschooled students are more free to focus on their school work, befriend whoever they want to, spend more time on their extracurricular activities and be themselves.  The pressures of the public school environment are dangerous and limiting.  Instead of educating and preparing students for the future, much research has shown that public schools are failing their students academically and emotionally.