Realigning Energy Level for Optimal Learning

Realigning Energy for Optimal Learning

The human body functions on cycles that are individual for each person, but have a society that operates on a limited time schedule. Each person going through a learning process needs to know their own cycle so that they align learning to times of peak energy

Data Collection

People say he or she is a morning or night person, but there may be more to this than that simple phrase. A journal of experiences can help a person see when they need stimulates such as coffee to stimulate and jumpstart and when activity appears without effort. It may be that some activities are easier for you to learn because of an inherent talent, but others may require concentration and major effort to challenge. The second task requires placement at the optimum energy level

The first step is to define how to determine your peak and valley. It needs to be an observable and measurable item. Once you can select the item you can start tracking where and when you see or experience this item. With this data collection, a picture develops of when you function at your optimum level. This knowledge will help plan your alignment of optimal learning

Plan for Learning

We are still limited by learning opportunities which exist in our society, but there are many in which you can shuffle around to assist in aligning energy to the meet your individual. Some high schools and colleges have early morning classes early in the morning and classes that go into the night.

In addition, the option of online or self-teaching items are schedulable at optimum time. Online classes can offer stress if the ones a person is working with do not operate at the same energy schedule. Most online classes do not consider this when forming teams, but once involved you maybe waiting or feel you neglect the task by waiting for an available time for yourself. In our multi-time zone world, it is wise to learn how to cope with everyone working at his or her optimum time.

If something is hard for you to learn, schedule this activity during your optimum time and the easily learned items during periods when we are either winding down or up. Classes that meet at a less opportune time may require review at another time for refreshment. This helps in a study schedule, which offers the most opportunity for alignment with the energy level.

People have peak and valleys in their energy level. Planning one’s day around knowledge of these offers realign of energy level for optimal learning.