Reasons why Distance Learning could be the right Choice for you

It’s 8:00am on a Monday Morning and it is time for you to get to class. Today is the first class of the semester. You look outside and see a foot of freshly fallen snow on the ground and the wind is blustering. What are you going to do? The panic sets in but then you realize you have enrolled in distance learning this semester. You sigh in relief, make yourself a nice cup of cocoa and log into your classroom.

Distance Learning is becoming more common and it is getting people talking. This way of learning is opening doors to those who cannot afford to leave work to attend classes. It is convenient for parents who cannot seem to find the time during the day or cannot afford the rising costs of childcare. Maybe you have trouble attending class with thirty other people or a fear of public speaking. Distance learning does not require you to shower, pack lunches and commute every day to and from class. The weather does not affect distance learning. Distance learning allows you to log on to your classroom wherever you have internet access.

With distance learning you can log on to your classroom any time of day or night. Of course you have deadlines to meet, assignments to complete and tests to take but with distance learning you have a course outline that makes you aware of these deadlines. You will get an adequate amount of time to complete each item.

Distance Learning requires a great deal of self-discipline. The work load is the same as courses taken in a classroom setting.  It is possible to fall behind or to fail assignments/tests.  However, to prevent this from happening you can message your teacher/professor anytime you have a question or need help with material. With distance learning you also have the option of messaging your classmates for help.

If you are thinking about enrolling in distance learning please be sure to evaluate your lifestyle before you begin. As noted, discipline plays a big part in succeeding with distance learning. Distance learning is designed to give options; it brings education to the privacy of your own home.  

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing distance learning.  Does it suit your lifestyle? Will this be a long-term thing? Do you have self-discipline? Will you miss the social aspect of “going” to class Do you have support at home?