Safe Games for Children

The internet has become a huge part of our everyday life. It is used for working, socializing, but for kids it is a 24/7 gaming machine. Children often surf the web in search for cool games, but running into inappropriate games is very common. They tend to spend hours and hours on useless gaming, resulting in laziness and lack in education.  We have to rescue our children from this addictive disease, but how?

The solution is very simple. We need to provide our kids with alternative games which are not only fun, but a tool for learning. In this article, the top five alternative educational gaming websites for children have been compiled.

1. Knowledge Adventure is a website designed for fun games which can benefit children in their school work. Games designed by Knowledge Adventure have won many awards due to their dedication to help your child learn and have fun at the same time.   Games have been categorized according to the child’s grade, age and favourite subject. This amazing gaming website offers more than 100 games. Click here to visit Knowledge Adventure.

2. Funbrain is a free educational gaming website created for kids, ages from preschool to grade 8. This website offers more than 100 math, science, reading and arcade games. In addition, funbrain also allows kids to read popular books and comic books. Funbrain is especially popular for their fun arcade challenge where children can select their gender and grade level, and then start playing. Click here to visit Funbrain.

3. Primary Games is one of the fastest growing gaming companies in the world since 2000. The website was originally created to keep students entertained while they were busy learning. 12 years later, the company is still dedicated to the same goal. Primary Games offers a variety of games including social studies, arts, puzzles and many more. More than 1000 free games are offered in this website. Click her to visit Primary Games

4. Learning Games for Kids, as the name suggests is a free educational gaming website made for kids. LGFK offers games from more than 10 different categories. These online learning games for kids are fun, and teach important skills for preschool and elementary school. Plus, LGFK offers free educational songs and videos, including science songs and science experiments. Click here to visit LGFK.

5. PBS kids is a website made for kids to visit safely, without having to worry about running into inappropriate content. PBS kids offers free educational TV-shows, songs, videos and fun games. The goal PBS kids is to help children feel comfortable on the internet, to provide appropriate entertainment for kids and to encourage kids to interact with the community by teaching kids ways to communicate with others. Click here to visit PBS Kids.