Same Race Versus Cross Race Youth Mentoring does it Make a Difference – No

It is narrow -minded and unproductive to attempt to limit mentoring to same race mentoring.
Do we need to only have a same race doctor in order to be healed?
our society is multi cultural and multi racial. The youths in our country live in this multi cultural society and for that most part celebrate and appreciate the diversity in races and cultures. They adopt the styles of dress and talking of other cultures . They certainly enjoy diverse music , whether by listening to or even performing in multi cultural or racially mixed music groups.
Any youth who is in need of mentoring will benefit from a dedicated and caring mentor regardless of the race of the mentor. It is the quality of the mentoring being provided that is of importance.
What are the issues in question here?
Is it thought that the youth may not be able to have a positive interaction with a mentor of a different race?
That is nonsense. I live in the south. When I was growing up here in Alabama there was a very elaborate school system set up to prevent children from going to school with members of
another race. This was literally a black and white issue.
It was feared by the white majority that if their children went to school with black children, interracial dating and worse yet marriage might result.
A secondary issue was that it was known that the quality of education provided to black students was inferior. The schools in black neighborhoods were not as well funded . They were more likely to be over crowded and even in need of various facilities or repair.
The children did not receive adequate educational materials either.
The only way to circumvent this inequity was for black parents to send their children to catholic schools. White parents also found this useful to prevent their children from mingling with black students.
If you were economically disadvantaged, no matter your race, you had no choice but to desegregated public schools once civil rights where won by blacks.
That kind of racism is not borne out to be beneficial by the passage of time.
My children attend school with black ,white Asian, and now , Mexican students.
Other than physical features you can hardly tell them apart by their way of dress. They play the same music and all shop in the mall for the latest fashion. They all hang out at the fast food restaurants and live off a diet of the same beloved burgers and tacos.They all love the same video games , movies and television shows.
Although I have never mentored, I have counseled many a troubled teen regardless of their race in both a professional and a personal capacity.
My children have friends of all races. That would have not been true back in my day.
If one of their friends has a problem they can’t share with their parents, they trust me to help and advise as best I can.
Most of their friends are white. I have never had a child be hesitant to talk to me because i am not white. I and my whole family are not only multi ethnic but we are multi racial.They have never thought that I was ill equipped to advise them because of that either.The only fear they have ever had of talking to me is that of not knowing whether could trust a grown up to understand or care.

I am sure this would apply to a mentoring situation as well.
Finally ,People of all ages both young and all, have much to learn from each other.
Why impose racial limitations on a mentoring program when the world we live is no longer legally or ethically allowed to do so?