School Education Online Benificial Helpful

How can an online school be helpful? What are the benefits? Would you get a diploma? How quickly can you graduate? What are the negatives?

Online school can be very helpful because there is more one-on-one time with the teachers. As well as taking your time to finish your work. Working at your own pace is VERY helpful. Being able to go to an online school you can get a full-time or part-time job. It’s also helpful if you have a child. Most online schools have free child care, it comes in handy. Stay at home parents can also help  their children with their school work and can keep up with how their child is doing.

Benefits of online schools is you can get enough sleep and do your work when you wake up. You don’t have to wait til lunch you could walk as far as the kitchen is to get food instead of waiting hours to eat. You can decide what you want for lunch instead of the cafeteria people telling you what to eat, when to stop eating, how to clean up, and when to clean up. I don’t think it should be their business when someone should finish their food but who am I to talk.

Going to an online school, if you’re in high school, you can get a diploma. Some online schools give you the option to take your GED or earn your diploma. GED might be faster, but, I think that getting a diploma is much more efficient. GED to me stands for Good Enough Diploma. Would you rather have a high school diploma where you can go to any college or a good enough diploma where you could get into maybe 1/2 of the fairly good colleges in the world.

You can graduate graduate as fast as you want. Only thing is you need to do is work and not slack. The key to that is getting into an environment where you’re comfortable enough to study and to work. I have only 2 credits and need 22 more to graduate. I will graduate in 2.1 years if I work at the pace I’m working now. I work on school 5 hours a day from 12-5 and I finish 3 classes a day. I will be getting my diploma soon.

There are a few negatives of online schools. The biggest problem a lot of the kids don’t have is motivation to do the work. They just sit there on Facebook or MySpace. Another is being able to finish an assignment on time. Most online schools excuse it as long as you get it turned in within a specific time. Also sleeping in to late. But, another is being in front of the computer most of the day.