Should Mentor Programs consider Race when Connecting Mentors with Children – No

It should not matter what color your mentor is I feel that the mentor should have done some research on the child that he or she will be mentoring. This will be a learning experience for both the mentor and the child. Although there will be a difference in opinions it will bridge a gap on a lot of race issues. There need to be more mentors who take the challenge of working outside of there race.

The real issue will be the mentor. Can the mentor adapt the situation of the type of child he or she will be mentoring to? Do the mentor have a race issue? Whether they are black, white, hispanic or of any other origin. Do the mentor have a passion for what he or she is doing? Is this mentor doing this just to pad the stats of doing something good? It’s easy for a basketball, football, baseball, hockey, golf, and television star to be a mentor. Why? Well because they are seen frequently on the big screen so children look up to them and respect them. Here’s the real kicker does the league force them to be mentors or is it free will that the super stars mentor.

What about the small country town that don’t have super stars a mentors only factory workers and supermarket workers. I know that opens up another can of worms but, in small towns the only mentors are religious leaders and a few good hearted people who care for the community.

Back to the subject at hand if that mentor is fake and not true to what he or she is doing that child will know. Children know when someone is real with them or if that person is faking. Now is the time for people to step it up and be true to helping our youth. Everything now is about money and the love for helping and teaching is out the door. Real mentors need to stand up for the truth and teach the youth that all these R & B artist sing about sex is not in order with God’s divine plan. It don’t matter what color your skin is the fact of the matter is moral values has been thrown out the door. Children now want to live like the stars and have sex because that’s what’s shown on television now. Mentors have a great work but we need mentors who love Jesus and will stand for the truth and not bend or compromise with the ways of wrong doings.

Race should not be an issue the truth, honesty, doing it from the heart, wanting to make a difference and being a positive mentor should be the issue.