Should Minority Mentees be Matched only with same Minority Mentors – No

This world is a diverse place. We are rich in diverse cultures and perspectives. It is truly, our diversity. which makes this world revolve and makes this world  much more interesting. We should never  resort to matching only minority mentees  with the same minority mentor. This thought perception will stagnate the development of the mentee, as well as the mentor. A well rounded person in any profession, should be comfortable in engaging and communicating with any race of people.

A mentors role is to encourage, enlighten and possibly offer a new perspective.  Marketing and sales  may be a prime example of the importance of diversity. The priorities of one culture, may be quite varied from the priorities of another culture. How ever, we will also discover many more similarities than we are different. 

Of course, shared interest and goals should be parallel. The objective in this relationship should be two fold. A mentor may also gain knowledge from the mentee.  At times, the language may be a barrier.This challenge may also be challenged. Everyone should accept the fact, language is neither superior or inferior to any other language.

It seems, this type of relationship just might improve an understanding between different ethnic groups.   We should be the most concerned with who exemplifies the best. After all, if  you claim to be the best. A good mentor can bring out the best in anyone. 

Many years ago,certain  careers may have been deemed not suitable for minorities. Well, that glass ceiling has been shattered, if minorities are afforded the same opportunities. The sky just might be the limit for some. A good pairing, might be a shared enthusiasm,tired less efforts to complete the task at hand and mutual respect for each others opinions.

The object of a mentoring relationship should also be to bring enhancement and quality to the character or profession.Many times, a child might say, “When I grow up, I want to be just like him/her”. The character of the mentor is also very important.

Dr. Mae C. Jemison, shattered that glass ceiling for my  daughter as the very first African American woman astronaut. I know for certain other little girls were inspired by her extraordinary accomplishment as well.  My point is success is not an ethnicity. Sucess is an accomplishment in any endeavor and in any color. So let’s reap the rewards of each others knowledge and expertise.