Should Teens Mentor School Aged Children – Yes

Teens can give a helping hand and improve the quality of some child’s life while at the same time gaining a sense of understanding and belonging.Is it not good for teens to be doing something caring and helpful for the community? How could you say No? Think about it seriously for a moment would you rather have a child leave school to hang with friends who may or may not be of a good influence. Or the second choice, have a teen who is just beginning to experience life lending a helping hand? Who may very well take what they have learned and provide a friend of stranger a form of care and support that mentoring has taught them. Growing up helping others always seemed to put a smile on face. Sometimes even the coldest of coldest teens, will find a since of calmness overflow them as they reach out to someone else in need of an ear and friend. Grades are important, homework is important, likewise to supporting that of another which may be a young underprivileged child who needs to know someone is there to listen. How can we deny young adults the ability to give back to a community and contribute to a life changing experience. I am not saying every teen out there should be able to mentor a school-aged child. What i am saying is under observation and individual cases a teen should not be denied the chance to better themselves while at the same time giving something much greater to someone else. Anyone who denies this chance and opportunity to a young adult I believe needs to reevaluate their priority’s in life and ask themselves what they were like when they were of that age. Looking into the face of a child setting at a lunch table with tear filled eyes. Knowing that they may not have the support and care that they deserve, when the bell rings and they day ends breaks my heart. At the same time I see that sixteen year old setting by that same child eating lunch with

him/her at the end of the week. Both are filled with giggles and laugher without for a moment a care in the world. No thoughts of what my test score is going to be for that teen, and a ear for that child for a least a hour or so that week. Is priceless to me.