Sites that Give Free Computer Tutorials

Many websites out there will teach you a lot about computers. The amount of information around the internet is too much for you to absorb in your life time to you need to check only the best websites.

My personal favourite is the Ezine Articles. This website has millions of articles there making money for you. The idea is simple, you submit an article to a directory that will get a lot of traffic and then you will make money when someone clicks on your personal link and buys something in your website. Thanks to this they have hundreds of thousands article writers working for them and making all the content you need. Here you can find computer tutorials and advice on almost anything in the world.

This website is not only about computers, is about anything else you can imagine. What ever you find, you will almost always find it here.

Articles base is not nearly as big as this one but sure it’s big enough and probably it will have the same information that you find on Ezine articles. The advantage of this late website is that you can check the rank of the writer and you can immediately judge if it’s worth to red what he wrote before you even read it. The idea is simple, the more good articles you write, the better and bigger rank you get.

Forums, and I mean all kinds of forums also let you to post things there and most of them even allow you to post your own link after each post. This way you can get some traffic. Some forums also split the Adsense revenue share with you. Forums are a great place to ask good questions and to get better answers too.

Blogs and websites just about computers are the best place in the world to get all the information you want. For example, the website life hacker is the best place in the word to get all the information you want. This website is already in the top ranks and in the very first place about websites about computers. This website talks about computers, internet , electronic things and almost anything that is either computer or internet related. Made by people just like you for people just like you. This website is a must to subscribe too.

Another great website is the Tom’s hardware. Here you can find anything hardware related and you can also find here anything you want to know about how to tune your hardware. This website focus primary on testing hardware but it also has a lot of interesting posts about computer tuning and how to get the most of each hardware component.