Sites that Give Free Computer Tutorials

Getting a free “online” education:

There are a great many sites which give educational tutorials on the web. There is everything from parenting to the newest software programs. Anything that you would ever have wanted to learn something about can be found on the internet. There are typing tutorials such as where you can not only learn to type for free but you can also take speed tests to improve your speed and accuracy. Typing speed is crucial in looking for a job in an office support staff role. They even have a program where you may earn a certificate for typing which could, if one wished, be submitted with a resume for a job in a typing pool. It is not strictly necessary as the skills speak for themselves and most companies do have their own typing and skills assessment tests for use in their hiring process, but it would still serve to make your resume submission more complete and different from all of the other applicants.

Also there is no need for you to take a class to learn to use and write web pages in HTML, Javascript, C+ or any of the other web programming languages just so that you can build a personal vanity page or out of this world’ my space layout. A budding webmaster need only type the phrase website building tutorial, or HTML tutorial, for broader results you may even wish to use the long form hyper text markup language for websites as a search phrase. You will find a plethora of options and tutorials as well as online clinics and podcasts to help an “online student” learn valuable skills which can be very marketable in today’s computer and internet based economy. There are also blogs on the topic and forums in which you can post a discussion about a tricky function that you have mastered or ask for help is designing a piece of code for you website.

If a person wanted to learn the basic skills to improve their employability as an office staffer or data entry person you would have to look no further than Microsoft Windows Office online site, (which pops up when you click task pane in the View menu at the top of MS Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.) for tutorials, tips & tricks to mastering the Microsoft Office Suite of programs, which are in high demand in the office assistant and call center jobs market. These tutorials are narrated and are very easy to understand. The tutorials walk you through most of the basic functions that one would encounter in an office or home computing environment. They also have inexpensive online classes for which again you may receive a certificate, which certifies that you are proficient in the use of their software. Who better to certify a person using Microsoft based applications than Microsoft itself? You will find links to all of the software installations of Office from the brand new 2007 to the Original Office 97. In fact they are allowing people to test drive Office 2007 for free for a limited time.

From parenting, to cooking and auto repair. Software and web building, you can equip yourself with valuable and marketable skills and information for free. You can be an “online student” with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. No fees, no demands, and most of these tutorials are written in basic English that is easy to understand. There is absolutely nothing holding you back from home schooling yourself on any subject, any proficiency level, any time of day or night that you wish to access the information. You don’t have to enroll in an expensive online college to be an online student.