Study Tips for Distance Learning

Studying for distance learning can present unique challenges.  You may feel less connected to the program and have difficulty motivating yourself to study or keeping on a study schedule.  Oftentimes people are working at the same time they are doing distance learning, so this can provide an additional obstacle.  Consider the following study tips for distance learning.

Make specific times to study

You might find it easier to study if you set aside specific times to do so.  Try to find a time that works with your schedule and your lifestyle.  For instance, let’s say you are an early bird and you can get up early. You might want to make your study time for your distance learning early in the morning.  If you are better at staying up late, then make it then.  Try to find a time that you can dedicate to it and not have to be focused on something else.

Do not procrastinate

If you have a test it is important not to procrastinate.  You can make time to study for several days before the test and not wait until the last minute.  Just because it is distance learning does not mean that it doesn’t count, and it is better if you can avoid an unsuccessful last minute cram session.

Do not be afraid to contact your teachers if you need help

If you are having difficulty with your studies, then you can consider contacting your teachers.  Just because it is distance learning does not mean that you cannot ask for help.  Most of the time there will be a way to get into contact with them either through e-mail or the phone.  You can ask for clarification or help.

Keep distractions at bay while you are studying for your distance learning

It is important to keep focused while you are studying.  You might want to turn off your phone or only answer it for emergencies. You should avoid checking your e-mail or surfing on the Internet.  Do not have the television or music going on if it distracts you.  If it is loud in your home or you find that you just cannot concentrate then consider going somewhere else such as a library or a quiet park. 

Studying for distance learning should be treated with the same importance as studying for a more traditional program.  If you are efficient and effective at studying, then you can do better and perhaps even cut down on the amount of time that you need to do it.  Consider the above tips to help you be successful at this task.