Surviving Summer School

It’s early in the morning and the birds are chirping as the sun makes its grand entrance.
The teacher has her early morning cup of coffee as she reviews the virtually scripted lesson plans set aside for summer school.
Summer school is a second opportunity for both the students and the teacher. A second chance for students to “make the grade” and a second chance for the teacher to deliver that targeted lesson.
One saving grace for all involved is that summer school is “half day” school. The teacher begins in a timely manner as the students settle in, reluctantly. Undoubtedly, there will be a few stragglers. “I apologize, my alarm didn’t go of.” “My mother didn’t wake me up on time.”
“I had to drop off my little brother, first.” A litany of excuses are hurriedly accepted and the day begins.
Usually, a combination of literacy and math are taught. Science and social studies may or may not be included. The teacher struggles to engage the students as they gaze out of the windows and secretly check their cell phones. Workbooks, textbooks and notebooks must be readily accessible as the teacher walks around to ensure that everyone is on task.
The sun is getting stronger now and the lure of summer fun is evident. Students know that the pool is now open and they are eager to end the school day! The teacher reviews the lesson and gives homework admonishing all about the importance of finishing assigments in a timely manner. “We only have 5-6 weeks to complete the units.”
Surviving summer school takes skill, commitment, patience and diligence. The teacher has to remain focused on instruction regardless of the imposing thoughts of iced tea and beaches.
A true professional who has the ardent task of bringing all summer school students up to standard. Papers must be checked daily to conform to the short time frame of summer school.

Survival skills in summer school for students include being prepared and staying focused.
Young minds wander during the regular school year. Summer school introduces the additional factors of shorts, tee shirts and tans!Students’ minds must constantly be directed to the allure of fractions, equations and the like. Indeed, it is difficult for all involved to reap the benefits of additional instruction, but the task can be accomplished!

Summer school represents advancement for some and a second opportunity for others. It is a time for teachers to make additional money and to hone their skills for another year.
It can be a rewarding experience if one approaches it with a focused and open mind.